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  • Badminton Interform Tournament

    Badminton Interform Tournament
    16th December 2013

    Well done to 7U who beat 7R in the final of the badminton lunchtime inter form tournament on Friday 13th December. Great competition between the 2 Olympic forms. Ms Jones Read More

  • History Heroes - Autumn 2013!

    History Heroes - Autumn 2013!
    16th December 2013

    The History Department is proud to announce our five new History Heroes for Autumn 2013! They are: Kamile 7A, Pape 8C, Sonnie 9N, Zahir 10E and Sher 11A. Each wins a certificate commending them on their efforts in History lessons and 1000 Vivos! To get yourself nominated for the next round of History Heroes Awards in the spring time – take on board some wise words from the late and revered Nelson Mandela: “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”. These words of a real-life History Hero show that you need to keep trying no matter what, and trying hard each and every lesson! Ms Hussain Read More

  • Project Ability East London/Cumberland SSP Inclusive Tennis Tournament

    Project Ability East London/Cumberland SSP Inclusive Tennis Tournament
    13th December 2013

    Congratulations to the Cumberland Inclusive Tennis squad for finishing 2nd in the Project Ability East London/Cumberland SSP Inclusive Tennis Tournament, held in the Hub on the 10th December. Inclusive Tennis is a modified format of the game played on badminton sized courts with softer balls and smaller rackets. The rules are also modified so that players can hit the ball after the second bounce. Teams had to consist of 2 boys and 2 girls per match, with two of the participants being registered as having moderate or severe learning difficulties. The Cumberland squad were: Shifa Ali, Ramona Savin and Antonio Barbosa from year 7, Tony Duong and Salman Salam from year 8 and Sophie Bryant in year 9. A pic of the runners up is attached. Well done to the team for their excellent performance. Also, a big well done to Carlos Torres, Abdi Hassan, Elonas Voliekevicius, Georgie Foster and Mohammed Sisay for their work in umpiring and scoring the matches, and helping the players with the rules throughout. Read More

  • Congratulations Shienna Hurley West!
    4th December 2013

    Huge congratulations to Shienna Hurley West who was scouted by West Ham to trial for their academy. Shienna was successfully picked at trial to represent their U15 side. Well done Shienna. Ms Jones Read More

  • Greenhouse Tennis Cup

    Greenhouse Tennis Cup
    3rd December 2013

    Cumberland stormed into a 2-0 lead in the Greenhouse Tennis Cup last week with victories over their rivals at St. Pauls Way Trust School. In leg 1, the year 9 team completed a 6-3 victory, with two 6-0 victories for Elonas Voliekevicius and Isswell Owusu (playing up a year). In leg 2, the year 8 team matched their older counterparts, again beating St. Pauls Way 6-3, with stand-out performances from Joy Hoque of year 7 (playing up in his first match and winning 8-6 in a tie break), and the all-girl doubles pairing of Vilija Burbuleviciute and Sydney Merritt, who battled their way into a tie break, but found themselves 5-1 down and two points from defeat. In a first rate display of composure and teamwork, the girls won six points in a row to beat the boys of St. Pauls Way 7-5, and take the final match 7-6. The Greenhouse Tennis Cup is an Ashes style event, with matches taking place across the school year. Year 9 Team: Elonas Voliekevicius, Tinashe Balayi, Briti Haliti, Georgie Foster, Isswell Owusu Year 8 Team: Carlos Torres, Kieran Primus, Towfique Kabir, Joy Hoque, Sydney Merritt, Vilija Burbuleviciute. Well done to all who took part. Mr Kruse Greenhouse Tennis Coach Read More