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  • Year 9  Inter-form

    Year 9 Inter-form
    17th January 2014

    Well done to 9C who beat 9L in the final of the badminton lunchtime inter-form. Look forward to seeing you all at the next round (table tennis). Ms Jones Read More

  • Cheerleading Club

    Cheerleading Club
    16th January 2014

    Cheerleading club got off to a flying start this week, building excitement to create a team for competitions. Come and join the Cheer fun – girls/ boys/ beginners/ all years welcome. See you in the sportshall on Wednesdays 8-8.30 am! Read More

  • Emmanuel Jal

    Emmanuel Jal
    16th January 2014

    Emmanuel Jal visited Cumberland on 15th January to present his story to Yr 8 as a follow up to the BHM work completed in October. As well as live performances of his current tracks and plenty of Q&A, Emmanuel also viewed the pupils portrait collages of him. To finish we presented the Cumberland Cares cheque for My Start, one of the charities he is associated with and we work with each year to raise the profile of the impact social and emotional education can make on young peoples’ lives. http://www.ted.com/talks/emmanuel_jal_the_music_of_a_war_child.html Read More

  • Badminton Interform

    Badminton Interform
    13th January 2014

    Well done to 8E who beat 8R in the first inter form of 2014, Badminton. Great effort team. Ms Jones Read More

  • Badminton Interform Tournament

    Badminton Interform Tournament
    16th December 2013

    Well done to 7U who beat 7R in the final of the badminton lunchtime inter form tournament on Friday 13th December. Great competition between the 2 Olympic forms. Ms Jones Read More