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  • Year 9 Borough Athletics
    26th June 2013

    Cumberland dominated the competition once again, well done to Daniella Donkor – winner of the girls 200m and long jump, Jamie Cornuad – winner of the boys 1500m, Abdul Mumin- winner of the boys javelin. Outstanding performance by the girls relay team – Daniella Donkor, Ashley Kossa, Baronesse Matone-Bin-Mat and Nneka Nwakanma. Read More

  • Cumberland pupils set new world record
    24th June 2013

    CUMBERLAND PUPILS SET NEW WORLD RECORD Cumberland School part of record for world’s largest memory game A new record for the world’s largest memory game has been set at 2,109 participants, and thirty four pupils from Cumberland School were among them. At 14.30 Friday 19th October 2012, participants at 40 venues in the UK and one in Bahrain simultaneously played a 10 minute memory game. Venues included schools, science centres and universities. “We are excited to be a part of this wonderful achievement and are very proud of our students embarking on this challenge.” – Mr Bradshaw- Head teacher “Being involved in the ‘World’s largest memory game’ was a great opportunity for our students to put what they have learnt in their Psychology lessons into practice. It was also a great achievement for them when we discovered that we had in fact actually broken the world record. A very rare and unique opportunity and we are pleased to be a part of it.” Mrs Islam Quaium- Teacher of science The memory game was prepared by experimental psychologist Professor Bruce Hood, and explored the phenomenon of false memories. Alongside the attempt, pupils learnt about how our brains store memories (or at least convince us we have made accurate memories!). Anyone who is interested in how the brain works, from remembering how to make a cup of tea to falling in love with Justin Bieber, can watch the Society of Biology “Brain Explorers” video series on YouTube. In order for this great achievement to have succeeded the science department would like to thank Ms. Sahota, Ms. Quaium, Ms. Constable, Ms. Raines, Ms Cardoza, Ms.Riddle and the year 10 students that participated. Read More

  • Cumberland School Gifted & Talented Project

    Cumberland School Gifted & Talented Project
    24th June 2013

    Last summer Clifford Chance (law firm), KPMG (professional services firm) and Barclays Bank embarked on a project in partnership with Newham Education Business Partnership and Clare College, Cambridge University. Targeting a group of 50 gifted and talented Cumberland School students, the aim is to raise aspirations and employability skills through a range of interactive workshops. Students have been selected in Year 8 (12/13 years old) and will engage in a number of workshops through to Year 11 (15/16 years of age). Over the next four years, various projects have been earmarked including business mentoring, career advice seminars, financial literacy workshops and activities that develop enterprise skills and qualities. In delivering the first year of the project, the school were keen to set students an academic task which would test and develop their work related skills and qualities. It was agreed that students would undertake an analysis of their local community and through a case study, suggest ways to make innovative changes and improvements. The Council's slogan (see below) was used as the focal point for analysis and as a platform to suggest ways to improve the local community. As part of their initial analysis, students travelled to Clare College, Cambridge, for a debate session with undergraduates from Cambridge University. Newham Council Slogan: "Newham, a place where people choose to live, work and stay" Using the knowledge acquired, students were then introduced to the main concept for the Year 8 project. Working in small teams, they were challenged to submit regeneration proposals for Upton Park, the site currently used by West Ham FC. Each proposal submitted had to clearly show how it would benefit the borough in relation to ‘living’, ‘working’ and ‘staying’ in Newham. Groups were asked to create a cost analysis for their idea and told that they would be expected to present their idea to an invited audience at KPMG. Students were invited to workshops at Clifford Chance and Barclays Bank and supported by business volunteers in creating their proposal. The presentation workshop was held at KPMG on the 2nd May. Parents were invited along with three VIP judges, Cllr Pearson Shillingford, Cllr Neil Wilson and Clive Dutton, Executive Director for Regeneration and Inward Investment at Newham Council. All three judges were impressed with the maturity and professionalism shown by students and each group was able to share their ideas with the audience. The winning team put forward an idea which focused on building a new educational complex with a new college as the centrepiece. As part of their presentation, students produced 3D computer images to share with the audience and bring their vision to life. In the next academic year students will be taking part in further workshops that will enhance their employability skills and see them work alongside more professionals from corporate partners. Read More

  • AEGON Team Tennis
    20th June 2013

    Well done to the Year 7 & 8 Boys Tennis Team for winning three of their four matches in this year’s AEGON Team Tennis League. Read More

  • Great British Long Jump Champion JJ Jegede visits Cumberland!

    Great British Long Jump Champion JJ Jegede visits Cumberland!
    14th June 2013

    Thank you to Great British Long Jump Champion JJ Jegede, who came in to Cumberland this week to visit pupils. He is an athlete mentor from the sky living sports project programme, working with the year 7/8 girls who are setting up a project aimed at encouraging girl's participation in sport and activities. He delivered two practical long jump master classes to GCSE PE pupils, as well as a motivational talk with Q and A to the project leaders. It was an enjoyable and incredibly insipartional day had by all. We look forward to working with JJ and the project being a success. Read More