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  • 09Jan

    Happy New Year...

     Happy New Year to our community, staff, parents and pupils. I am certain that 2015 is going to be an exciting year for us.

    I spoke to pupils this week in assemblies about the importance of January, named after the Roman god Janus who had two faces, one to look back on the year past and one to look forward to the future year to come. I talked about the importance of looking back to celebrate their achievements, but also of recognising mistakes so that they take the lessons learned from those mistakes in to 2015 to make it an even better year.

    I know that 2015 will be a year in which Cumberland School makes a positive difference to the pupils in our community and that it will also be a year in which our pupils make a difference, be it large or small, to others.


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  • 03Nov

    The new half term has begun- Autumn 2014

    The new half term has begun and the weather has already turned colder and wetter. It is certainly time for all of our pupils to be searching out warmer clothes, including a winter coat (not a hoodie!)

    Only one day in to the term, and already some of our Year 9 pupils have visited the Imperial War Museum to see a screening of the animations they made last year, which will be part of the permanent exhibition from now on. During the holidays some of Cumberland’s amazing tennis playing pupils were involved in 50 singles tennis matches, with some great results and nine of them have now moved up the ratings bands. Moreover Friday 7th will see a group of Year 9 and 10 pupils involved in a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream at Stratford Circus. Engaging and successful learning at Cumberland continues to happen both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Thursday 6th is a training day for staff, and so a day at home for pupils, there’s plenty of work for them to do on the Doddle website though! We are very lucky to be welcoming Sir John Jones in to school for this day to work with us, we are looking forward, to what I know will be, an inspiring day for the whole staff.

    I have been here only a short time, but it is absolutely clear what an amazing community Cumberland is. Thank you to everyone for making last half term, my first half term, such a success.

    Gillian Dineen


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  • 29Sep

    Autumn Term 2014

    It doesn’t seem possible but we are already half way through this half term. Pupils have made an excellent start to the term, and our Year 7 pupils have found their feet swiftly. On Wednesday 1st October 4 - 6pm we have our Year 7 Settling in Evening. This is an opportunity for year 7 parents and carers to meet teachers to ensure that their children are learning effectively in lessons and to learn a little more about life at Cumberland School. We hope that all Year 7 Parents will be able to attend.

    Theatre visits, trips, days out and other additional opportunities are already in full swing and a number of our Year 9 pupils have spent a residential week at Jamie’s farm. The photos suggest they are having a fantastic time. The Study Support sessions for our Year 11 pupils are already underway and Year 11 are attending in record numbers. The Year 11 Prefects are again showing themselves to be an invaluable support in the smooth running of the school, and I would like to use this opportunity to thanks them for their brilliant work and commitment.

    On a more serious note, at the end of school, there have been two incidents recently where our pupils have been injured through collisions with cars, not seriously thankfully, when crossing Prince Regent’s Lane. We will be running assemblies about road safety over the course of the next two weeks and look for your support in reminding your children of the importance of road safety. As you know we have changed the arrangements with regards cars on our site at the start and end of the day, in order to improve safety for pupils. Thank you for your support in making this change work. 

    Ms G Dineen


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  • 02Sep

    A new academic year at Cumberland begins...

    A new academic year at Cumberland begins, and not only are we welcoming 300 new Year 7 students to our community, I am also joining as the school’s new Headteacher.  I am very much looking forward to getting to know Cumberland’s vibrant community, and have already been made to feel most welcome by staff and students alike on my recent visits.

    Welcome back to all of our current students, rested from your holidays, we will be expecting great things from you this term. And a special welcome to all of the new Year 7 students, I am certain that by the end of your first week at Cumberland you will have made some great friends, and know your way round the school better than I do.

    A special well done to Imogen Singer, who this summer took part in the Brighter Futures Sailing Summer School. Her excellent enthusiasm and attitude were noted by all those who worked with her.

    Gillian Dineen

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  • 13Jun

    A Final Fairwell...

    An amazing day, 286 Year 11 pupils completed their final maths exam today and then we all gathered for their leavers assembly. Pupils, the Year 11 Team and staff who had worked closely with the year group presented an emotionally charged assembly, celebrating all the pupils achievement since day 1 in Year 7.

    We meet again at the Prom, except for the few who still have exams.

    Many thanks and best wishes to all our Year 11 pupils, to their future and to an incredible group of young people.



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