Every child in Cumberland has the opportunity to participate in a challenging and stimulating curriculum that allows them to maximise their potential.  It is recognised that some pupils in our school are able to achieve at the highest levels.  The gifted and talented provision ensures that these pupils reach this potential. Identification of gifted and talented pupils takes place in the autumn term aided by a variety of information such as results of national and school based tests and teacher, peer and parent nomination.
The primary provision for meeting the needs of the gifted and talented pupil is during lessons.  Departments and subjects teachers provide work that is challenging and allows the pupil to extend their learning.
From time to time opportunities occur for individuals or groups of pupils to take part in other enrichment activities such as attending courses and workshops held by outside agencies.
The Gifted and talented provision across the school is co-ordinated by Ms V Lowe and supported by the Teachers in Charge of subjects, Subject teachers, Form tutors and Year Co-ordinators.