The London Borough of Newham is the Admission Authority for this school who organise all admissions centrally. Application forms are available online or through contacting the council 020 8430 2000.


Admission for entry from September 2017 (2017/8 current academic year)

LB NEWHAM SECONDARY school determined admission arrangement for 2017 entry

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‘In Year’ School Admissions Application – aka mid term or mid phase

Primary to secondary transition for entry September 2018

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Pan London Schemes for 2017-18

Determined Admission Arrangement for 2018 entry

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Determined Admission Arrangements for entry from September 2019

Oversubscription criteria – how we offer school places


Following the formal consultation between 5 December 2017 and 31 January 2018 and subsequent Council agreement our admission arrangements for entry into school from September 2019 have been formally determined.


The main changes for 2019 are:


• A single document for infant, junior, primary and secondary schools.

Removal of catchment areas and the associated catchment area priority for infant, junior and primary schools. Introduced to remove a barrier to admission at the most geographically local schools, due to the local set historic boundaries of a catchment areas.


• Inclusion of ‘School staff children’ as an oversubscription priority group. This is to assist local schools in recruiting and retaining staff by prioritising admission of staff children to their schools and will help ensure we have no barriers to recruitment especially where there is a demonstrable skills shortage, such as maths and science.


• Inclusion of ‘Service children’ as an oversubscription priority group. To complement the council’s Cabinet approved housing allocations policy we are prioritising Service children whose parent/carers have or are serving the country.

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Cumberland School

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