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Our learning

Department Vision and Priorities

Our programme of study provides opportunities for pupils to work in groups, to take part in discussions and to present their observations. Such activities encourage pupils to collaborate with others, and to develop understanding of, and respect for, others. Exploring art, craft and design across both times and cultures, deepens pupils’ global understanding and helps them to engage with local and national issues. Pupils recognise that they can make a difference for the better.


“Ambition, determination and learning” is the key aim of the Art department. We use every opportunity to promote the pupils and their artwork through assemblies, exhibitions, art work around the school, articles in The Cumberland Chronicle and high profile events within the borough and beyond.


Our priorities are to:-

  • Ensure students are confident working in a range of art materials and techniques
  • Teach a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Support Literacy and Numeracy ensuring subject specific words for each specialist room are in place and used to full potential through starter activities.
  • Develop the use of language and questioning skills focusing on Key Stage 3.
  • Develop Schemes of Work ensuring pupils make good progress
  • Create clear marking criteria and pupil self-evaluations.
  • Target pupils working at higher levels – Attend Art club – Tuesday 3 – 4pm
  • Continue developing Schemes of work to utilize the new equipment available to us.
  • Maintain and improve our homework completion rate through journey books.
  • Improve pupil’s voice through the Cumberland Chronicle.



Ms Millward

Mr Rose

Ms Woods



Art makes use of three general art & design rooms which are equipped to teach drawing, painting, printmaking and 3D. One of the rooms can facilitate clay and is equipped with a kiln, pug mill, cement drying area and a non slip floor. We also have a darkroom which is used for Digital Photography and teaching at Key Stage 4.


In the past we have been involved with the “Big Draw” project, in which we worked closely with the Royal College of Art. Pupils worked with two MA students from the college, visited the RCA and put on an exhibition and presentation to peers, parents and teachers/art educationists. From the success of this we won the overall winner for the Drawing Inspirational Awards, where the pupils again represented the school at the awards ceremony and received the award from Posy Simmonds, the children’s illustrator.


The Cumberland School has also been involved with the Creative Quarter event hosted by The V&A, where pupils met the managing director of a commercial animation advertising company to discuss with him projects such as the Sony/ Bravia advert and National Rail adverts.


The most recent project was working with the Whitechapel Art Gallery. We have good links with NewVIC. Pupils visit year 12 lessons and discuss career pathways and art college courses. Year 10 pupils have also attended a taster day on the fashion course at Newham College.




The Art Curriculum in Year 7

In Year 7 pupils study Art for 1 hour a week and undertake 3 units of work. These include:

• Jammy Dodger – Observational drawing and collage project – inspired by the art movement POP Art

• Supersized – Drawing and painting project – inspired by the artist Claus Oldenburg

• Funky Food – 3D Group project – developing skills of leadership and team building to create large 3D sculptures.


The Art Curriculum in Year 8

In Year 8 pupils study Art for 1 hour a week and undertake 3 units of work. These include:

• Movement – developing painting and colour mixing skills inspired by the Futurist art movement

• Animation – Exploring Developing ideas of animation

• Puppets


Year 9

In Year 9 pupils study Art for 2 hours a week and undertake 3 units of work. These include:


Apples & Pears – developing drawing and painting skills, responding to Pointillism and impressionist styles

Identity – Exploring the theme of Identity inspired by the artists Michael Craig Martin & Banksy



The Art Curriculum in KS4

In Key Stage 4 pupils who have selected Art as one of their option subjects follow the Edexcel GCSE Art & Design course. In Year 10 pupils study Art for 2 hours a week and undertake 3 units of work. These include:


Paper 1 = Figure– Skill based project


Paper 1 = Cumberland Masquerade project – Pupils visit an exhibition in Central London, focussing on research and developing ideas and themes around masks – pupils create their own 3D masks from their research


The Art Curriculum in Year 11

In Year 11 pupils study Art for 2 hours a week and undertake 3 units of work. These include:


Paper 1= Wraps project


Paper 2 = Exam prep – theme changes every year



The Art & Design department undertakes the marking of coursework, through the criteria of the Edexcel Exam board.


KS3 class work and homework/research is centered to promoting Teaching & Learning and raising standards. The following processes are recognised as a practical and manageable guide to the application of this policy.



Homework is set every 2 weeks



Results at end of Key Stage 3 (Level 5+)







Level 5+


Results at end of Key Stage 4 (A*-C)









Please note, the above tables are to be updated with September 2014 Examinations results within October 2014.


This page was last updated in September 2014.



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