Cumberland School has a Resourced Provision for pupils with ASC. The provision is attached to the school incorporating a soft play room, sensory room, common room, classrooms and an outside area.


The provision meets the individual learning needs of the students following a range of specific approaches and liaising with families and outside agencies.


  • The SEN team are following a simple SCERTS framework that will strategically become a whole school approach.
  • Staff employ elements of TEACCH with a structured day, visual timetables and individual work areas. Circle Time introduces the day.
  • We follow an augmentative form of communication that encourages students to initiate communication, socialise and make choices encompassing PECS, Sign-a-long, symbols, gesture and modeling. English and Drama extend these key elements.
  • Intensive Interaction is an intervention that teaches pre-speech fundamentals, turn taking and trust. It allows the students to use their communication and to learn that it is significant and respected.
  • There are daily Sensory Integrational programmes that follow individuals’ Sensory Diets embracing Cooking, PE,Gardening and D&T.
  • Life skills are taught through functional sessions such as Science, PSHE, Work Experience, Maths, Educational Visits and PE.


Students attend lessons that are pertinent, achievable and motivating. Each student has an individual timetable. This could include focused sessions within the provision; lessons with their peers and form group including nurture groups and provision led lessons that are held in the specialised areas around the school such as Music, Art and PE.


Information is recommended, taught, shared and assessed through Individual target setting and Annual Reviews.





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