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  • Cumberland School Sports and Applied Learning College has clear expectations to ensure that everybody maximises their Achievement and that effective teaching and learning takes place.
  • The Cumberland code and corridor code outlines how to keep our Learning environment safe and make sure that all can learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Attendance and punctuality procedures assist the smooth running of our Tutor bases, Assemblies and classrooms.
  • Adhering to our uniform expectations reflects a pride in our school and arriving fully equipped displays a willingness to learn and achieve.
  • Our Referral system serves to reward attainment and effort, to motivate but also attempts to modify negative behaviours by applying fair and reasonable consequences.
  • Our School has a firm commitment to ensuring achievement for all, by addressing all abusive, discriminatory, oppressive and bullying behaviour
  • Our mission is to guide our pupils to “Aspire to Achieve”
  • By working hard and behaving well, you can achieve Vivo reward points
  • Pupils receive a unique Vivo Reward Card and are able to earn Vivos for different achievements.
  • Pupils use our on-line shop, vShop to spend their Vivos on lots of exciting items.
  • By saving up your Vivo points, you can buy a terrific reward trip out.




  • By arriving late, ill-equipped and out of uniform you will get negative referrals.
  • If you are not learning, stopping others from learning and prevent the teacher from teaching... negative referrals.
  • When you break the Cumberland Behaviour and Corridor Code... negative referrals.
  • Every negative referral is monitored, recorded and counted.
  • This information is circulated daily to staff only.



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