• The Cumberland School has clear expectations to ensure that everybody maximises their achievement and that effective teaching and learning takes place.

• The Cumberland code and corridor checklist outlines how to keep our learning environment safe and make sure that all can learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

• Attendance and punctuality procedures assist the smooth running of our tutor groups, assemblies and classrooms.

• Adhering to our uniform expectations reflects a pride in our school and arriving fully equipped displays a willingness to learn and achieve.

• Our positive and negative referral system serves to reward attainment and effort, to motivate but also ensures negative behaviours are sanctioned fairly.

• Our school has a firm commitment to ensuring achievement for all, by addressing all abusive, discriminatory, oppressive and bullying behaviour.

• Our mission is to guide our pupils to become ‘Determined, Ambitious Learners’.

• By working hard and behaving well, you can achieve Vivo reward points.

• Pupils are able to earn Vivos for different achievements.

• Pupils use our on-line shop, vShop to spend their Vivos on lots of exciting items.

• By saving up your Vivo points, you can buy a terrific end of term reward experience.



• By arriving late, ill-equipped and out of uniform you will get negative referrals.

• If you are not learning, stopping others from learning and prevent the teacher from teaching... negative referrals.

• When you break the Cumberland Behaviour and Corridor checlist... negative referrals.

• Every negative referral is monitored, recorded and counted.

• This information is circulated daily to staff only.



A pupil will be excluded from lessons or school when he/she has breached the school’s behaviour policy seriously or persistently. This is a serious sanction and will be considered in light of the conduct in question and by taking into account the school’s sanctions ladder. The school uses internal exclusions and external exclusions.


When deciding whether to exclude a pupil, the headteacher considers the school’s responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.


On excluding a pupil, the headteacher will notify parents of the period of the exclusion and the reasons for it.


In the case of fixed–term external exclusions, the headteacher will also inform parents of their right to make representations about the exclusion to the governing body.


During the external exclusion the student is expected to be at home and work will be provided. Parents are required to attend a reintegration meeting following the external exclusion prior to the pupil’s return to lessons.







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