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Life and learning at The Cumberland School extends beyond the classroom. During their five years at school pupils will have the opportunity to go on educational visits which will broaden their horizons and increase their desire to learn. Each subject area will provide your child with opportunities to extend their learning outside the classroom through curriculum linked projects and visits to places of interest. Raising pupils’ aspirations is extremely important at The Cumberland School and we aim to develop pupils’ understanding that learning outside the classroom will enhance their overall academic success.


Pupils’ perspectives

One of our Year 7 pupils:

‘Working on the Forest School project was fantastic. I learned how to talk in front of others and how to make tools out of wood! The project leaders taught us a lot. It increased my confidence.’


A Year 8 pupil:

‘I spent 3 days on a barge with my friends and teachers. It was a reward for all my hard work. We learned how to organise and plan for activities. There was so much fun.’


One of our Year 9 pupils:

‘Visiting The Globe was such a positive experience. The actors came into the audience and made it all feel so real. Being able to see the play made it much easier for me to understand and write about it. ‘


A Year 10 pupil:

‘The Natural History Museum visit developed my understanding of how I was going to complete my piece of Art GCSE work. Actually seeing the masks and spending time in the museum to draw them was such a positive learning experience.’





Extra-curricular activities

Educational visits




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