The borough is now changing the process in which it deals with Free School Meals (FSM). By January 2014 all parents/carers will need to register online through Newham; even if you believe your child is not entitled to FSM you will still need to register.


What you will need to apply?

To complete your application you will need a valid email address. This is important so that Newham can keep you up to date with your application. If you do not have an email address or need help with creating one, we will be able to offer a drop in session at the school to assist you with this.


Please contact the school if you would like this help.


How to apply?


To find out more information on free school meals please click HERE:


To apply for free school meals please click HERE:






Cumberland School

Oban Close, London, E13 8SJ



T. 020 7474 0231

F. 020 7511 2510


School hours

Monday to Friday

8.35am - 3.00pm