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Our learning

Library Aims:


  • To provide a stimulating, yet supportive environment and help develop, a lively enquiring mind.
  • To encourage all pupils to work towards reaching their full potential, by assisting them in becoming independent learners.
  • To support the school curriculum and respond to curriculum development.
  • To enable pupils to be familiar with and confident in their ability to use information retrieval skills from a wide range of resources including books, magazines and internet.
  • To provide resources that allow all pupils equal access to a wide body of knowledge and encourage them to experience success and enjoyment in the use of the Library.
  • To develop awareness in pupils of the significance of books and other Library resources in order to value them as an important and pleasurable experience.
  • To create a pleasant , warm and welcoming area for pupils to flourish and enjoy both their learning and free time while at Cumberland School.


Opening Hours

Monday         8am – 4pm

Tuesday         8am – 4pm

Wednesday   8am – 4pm

Thursday       8am – 4pm

Friday            8am – 4pm






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Cumberland School

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