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The Year 8 Pastoral Team is led by Mr Sarumi, the Year Coordinator. He is line managed by Assistant Headteacher, Ms Moore and supported by Ziggy Daleel, the Behaviour Learning Mentor to this year group. There are ten Form Tutors who care for Year 8 pupils.  These include Ms Maocha (8C), Ms Miah (8U), Mr Ali (8M), Ms Hepher (8B), Ms Marks (8E), Mr Plange- Rhule (8R), Ms Morelle (8L), Ms Nash (8A), Ms Merrifield (8N) and Ms Lowe (8D).


Support and Advice

The vision of the Year 8 team is:

  • to support every pupil in becoming determined and ambitious learners
  • to enable each pupil to fulfil their own potential both academically and socially
  • to ensure that each pupil has access to personal and academic guidance and support where necessary. This would be through their form tutors, Year Co-ordinator as well as the Assistant Head-teacher
  • to provide opportunities for, and encourage pupils to, exercise individual and social responsibility both inside and outside the school community
  • to promote in pupils the ability to work individually and in teams and care about the whole school community
  • to establish and maintain an appropriate relationship with every parent, so that together we can help to prepare the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • to create a caring environment where pupils are valued and are able to flourish


To have an effective team that supports pupils, it is important that they work well together. Mr Sarumi encourages a collaborative culture within his pastoral team. This is in the form of collaborative planning of registration activities and sharing good practice at Pastoral Team Meetings. This way, Mr Sarumi and his team are best placed to play a key role in supporting subject teachers to enable as many pupils as possible to achieve their potential.


Data analysis is used throughout the year to inform an integrated program of projects, interventions and mentoring that make a measurable impact on attainment. There is a continued focus on improving literacy, language and social skills for learning through an integrated literacy program, making best use of outside organisations and partnerships.


Opportunities and Information

Success is celebrated for all. Pupils are rewarded for academic achievement and personal development through weekly, termly and annual award ceremonies. Alongside academic achievement, Mr Sarumi's team also help create and support a range of opportunities for pupils in Year 8 to develop well-rounded individuals and to be actively involved in the school’s diverse community. This includes facilitating pupils who are Form Reps, members of the School Council, and encouraging pupils to participate in Open Spaces, Diversity Week, Cumberland Cares, Extra Curricular Clubs, and PSHE days.


Mr Sarumi and his team will continue to establish and build relationships with parents and carers through - Parent meetings, Open Evenings, Parents Evening, Introduction and Celebration Events. In this way, they will be able to develop behaviour systems which enable and support all pupils to achieve their best. Where intervention is required, the team will work closely with the Behaviour for Learning team to utilise strategies to address on-going issues and individual incidents.





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