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The Year 9 Pastoral Team is led by Mr Lastiotis, the Year Coordinator.  He is line managed by Assistant Headteacher, Lisa Smith and supported by Robert Cole, who is the Behaviour Learning Mentor linked to this year group.


There are ten Form Tutors who care for Year 9 pupils.  These include Ms Versani, Ms Morrison, Ms Noel, Mr Rutland, Ms Ahmed, Ms Begum, Ms Taylor, Ms Nasim and Ms Townsend.


Vision and Aims

The Year 9 team aim to develop a responsible cohort of students who are prepared to take well informed decisions about the career pathways available to them; students who are problem solvers, who are able to take the initiative in the development of their own learning. The team will support them to become a group defined by their ability to be reflective learners who are capable of evaluating their progress with a view to achieving their best.


We aim to provide all Year 9 pupils with:

  • Clear guidance and information relating to their careers pathways
  • To enhance wide the range of vocational and foundation learning opportunities
  • To provide appropriate academic intervention for those students who are not meeting academic targets
  • To maintain/improve attendance at 95.6%
  • To maintain/improve excellent punctuality
  • To develop the leadership qualities of learners
  • To develop support strategies for all students relating to their wellbeing


Intervention and support

This cohort of learners is already characterised by great attendance, punctuality and behaviour. Intervention and support for students comes in many forms. For the vulnerable, disaffected and bereaved we have Kids company, girls groups, social skills groups, Forest Schools, Jamie’s Farm and family support workers. Some of these opportunities allow students to go on residential experiences with trained councillors and support workers. For students wishing to take on a challenge and develop their leadership skills Fairplay House outdoor activities centre is a great resource we use.


Advice and concerns

Please feel free to call or email the school about any concerns you may have about your child relating to their any aspect of their time in school, the year 9 team are dedicated to your child’s wellbeing and success. Please try and keep us informed of any changes of address and personal contact information so we can update our system and keep you informed. Parents evening is an essential opportunity for families to find out about success and areas of improvement that may emerge and to ask questions of the teacher relating specifically to their child learning.


At the end of the year the final options for Key Stage 4 will be made and opportunities will be provided for parents and students to discuss these momentous decisions with senior staff in a meeting.









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