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The year 7 pastoral team is led by Ms Michelle Duvenage.  She is line managed by Assistant Headteacher Ms Moore and supported by Kaina Smalling, the Behaviour Learning mentor linked to Year 7.


There are ten Form Tutors who care for the Year 7 pupils.  These include Ms Khanam (7C), Ms Strika (7U), Ms Longmate (7M), Mr Ali (7B), Ms Woods (7E), Ms Caygill (7R), Ms Kiyembe (7L), Mr Thomas (7A), Ms Haque (7N, Ms Munian (7D).


Support and Advice

The vision for Year 7 is to create healthy, happy young people who, through support and guidance from school and home, become determined and ambitious learners.  We recognise that the transition from primary to secondary can be a challenging step and we aim to support our pupils and their families through their first year at The Cumberland School.


We have a dedicated and experienced pastoral team who are fully equipped with the skills and enthusiasm to guarantee that each child’s social, emotional and academic needs are met.  We work hard to ensure that parents and carers are able to support their child with their learning.  Early in the academic year, Year 7 parents and carers are invited to a ‘Settling in Evening’ where they are introduced to the year team and the inner workings of the school, as well as informed of different initiatives that will be run over the academic year in support of Year 7 pupils.  In the summer term parents and carers are invited once more to the annual Parents Evening to discuss their child’s progress.  Communication between the school and home is consistent over the year through letters in the mail regarding pupil progress, through Progress Tracking Reports which are sent home termly and through telephone calls if there are more pressing issues.


Part of the role of the Year 7 Team is to monitor and track both attendance and progress.  Regular meetings are held between the Year Coordinator and the Form Tutors to ensure that all students are on time and on track to make the most of their abilities and to progress as we expect them to.  These meetings enable us to identify students who require further support both academically and socially.


Registration time is spent in form rooms where students are supported by their Form Tutors and are able to seek guidance and advice.  We work to develop strong positive relationships between each pupil, their Form Tutor and home.  Form Tutors are always the first port of call for any conversations and concerns.  Further support is provided by the Year 7 Learning Mentor who works with pupils across the year group to enable those who are struggling to progress and build their confidence.  The Cumberland School has numerous departments, initiatives and focus groups that help Year 7’s to access the support they require to build self-esteem, social skills and to make academic progress.


Opportunities and Information

We encourage healthy relationships between students by giving them the opportunity to participate in extracurricular clubs that cover a wide range of interests and subjects, providing them with a chance to continue to make strong bonds with students outside their regular timetable.  The Open Spaces Initiative that runs on Wednesday lunchtimes provides additional chances for pupils to expand their experiences with activities ranging from playing board games to broadcasting our very own Cumberland Radio Station.  There are also opportunities for pupils to attend residential trips to Jamie’s Farm and Fairplay House, as well as the Forest Schools Programme.  The school offers an afternoon homework club for pupils in Year 7.  Not only do pupils have access to computers and our well-resourced library, but the club is also run by specialist Teaching Assistants who help and guide our younger students with their homework 5 days a week.


We are very much looking forward to the launch of the Children’s University Passport at our ‘Settling in Evening’ which aims to promote exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours to children, and to engage the wider community as learning partners – so please watch this space!







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