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The Year 10 Pastoral Team is led by Mr Fellows, the Year Co-ordinator. He is line managed by Assistant Headteacher Mr. Wallis and supported by Chris Brigitte, the Learning Mentor linked to this year group.


The ten Form Tutors who are responsible for Year 9 pupils are: Ms Plumb (9C), Mr Haigh (9U), Mr Jones (9M), Mr Robinson (9B), Ms Musoke (9E), Ms Romanik (9R), Ms Constable (9L) (covered by Ms Makan in the Autumn Term), Ms Wiltshire (9A), Ms Harvey (9N), Ms Millward (9D).


Support & Advice

The vision of the Year 10 team is to enable all pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills to develop as individuals while contributing to society and building enriching lives for themselves. Mr. Fellows and his team will achieve this by supporting all pupils’ academic progress with a comprehensive pastoral care system which:


  • provides direct lines of communication between families and The Cumberland School
  • develops literacy and social skills through a variety of engaging and memorable projects
  • develops ‘soft skills’ which will be essential in their future employment and progression
  • includes a variety of individual and group mentoring opportunities
  • promotes learning achievements through the school’s behaviour strategy
  • addresses barriers to success to raise students’ self-esteem and aspirations.
  • Rewards, recognises and celebrates all students in the year group.


Mr Fellows is developing a collaborative culture within his pastoral team. Peer mentoring between Form Tutors, collaborative planning of registration activities and good practice is shared at Pastoral Team Meetings. As a result, Mr Fellows and his team are best placed to play a key role in supporting subject teachers to enable as many pupils as possible to achieve their potential.


Throughout this academic year they will make regular use of data to inform an integrated program of projects, interventions and mentoring that will make a measurable impact on attainment. There will be a focus on developing functional and social skills for learning by making best use of outside organisations and partnerships.


Mr. Fellows and his team will continue to establish and build relationships with families through: parent meetings, Progress Evening, Introduction and Celebration Events and through the school’s Managed Learning Environment (Fronter). In this way, they will be able to develop behaviour systems which enable and support all pupils to make progress. Where intervention is required, the team will work closely with families and the senior leadership team to utilise strategies to address ongoing issues and individual incidents.


Opportunities and Information

Progress Evening will be on 5th March 2015 and will provide an opportunity to discuss and reflect on pupils’ performance in their GCSE and other course options with their families.  For any other information and any opportunities during the year please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Fellows or Mr. Wallis, and keep an eye out for any letters or texts that come through from the Year 10 team.





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