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Pastoral care at Cumberland School is central to pupils' development. We believe that providing a framework of care and support for our pupils will assist them in their academic and social development throughout their school life and then beyond in to adulthood.


School can be a complex place and The Cumberland School’s pastoral system is designed to ensure that all pupils are able to flourish and learn successfully within a supportive environment.


Support, tracking and challenge is provided firstly through a tutor system. Each pupil is placed in a form with a form tutor who moves with them through years 7 to 11. This gives them a base and a key member of staff who gets to know them very well.


The tutor is the parents’ first point of contact, as they have an overview of the pupil’s progress and any problems they are facing. Tutors play an invaluable role in guiding and supporting them through the many decisions faced during secondary education.


In addition to the tutor each year group has a Year Coordinator who has oversight of the whole year group, supporting, guiding and monitoring their academic, personal and social progress. They, too, move through the school with their year group. In addition each year group also has their own Learning Mentor who works with the year group to support pupils in difficulty.


Form tutors, Learning Mentors and Year Coordinators build strong relationships with each pupil and their family. With this combined experience and knowledge both of the expectations of secondary education and the individual pupils, this team offers pastoral care that enables pupils to make the very best of their time and opportunities at The Cumberland School. Along with this team all year groups have an Assistant Headteacher and a Deputy Head teacher who works directly with each year group to offer further support and advice.


A further team which includes our own Educational Welfare officer, and Attendance Support officer, as well as a Safeguarding team, also offer daily support for those pupils in most need.


The Cumberland School recognises that in order to ensure academic success, schools need to address the well-being of the whole child. This lies at the heart of our support for all of our pupils.





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