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Our learning


Physical Education (PE) is taught by a team of 7 teachers, one PE coach and two Greenhouse coaches, who are committed to the success and personal development of all pupils.


The team includes:-


Ms Raines – Deputy Head teacher

Ms Brown – Assistant Head teacher

Mr Murrell – Assistant Director of Sport

Mr Robinson - 2IC PE

Mr Green – Head of Year 11

Mr Jones – PE Teacher

Ms Townsend – PE Teacher

Mr Francis – PE Coach

Gary Kruse – Greenhouse Tennis Coach

Mike Defoe – Greenhouse Tennis Coach



The aim of the department is to use physical activity as a means to raise self-esteem, perseverance and achievement.  Our priority is to motivate pupils to engage in life long physical activity to promote health, fitness and well-being.


In PE we aim to enable every child to leave school with an accredited PE qualification. We strive to reduce the attainment gap between groups of pupils by making effective use of data to inform teaching and learning.  We are a department that is constantly developing our skills to give pupils the best chance of success in their chosen qualification pathway.


We aim to support pupils to understand the key skills and processes they need to develop and progress. We are constantly developing a curriculum that involves a range of tasks and activities to support and challenge learners of all abilities. We are currently focussing on developing tasks that encourage pupils to be independent life-long learners.


The Physical Education Curriculum

The PE curriculum has developed into a three year key stage 3 and a two year key stage 4.


The year 7, 8 & 9 curriculum allows pupils to partake in 2 hours of quality PE through the following areas:

  • Outdoor and Adventurous Activities
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Invasion games
  • Net & Racket games
  • Striking and Fielding games
  • Health & fitness



The year 10 and 11 curriculum allows for pupils to follow one of three qualification pathways:


Pathway 1: BTEC First Award in Sport, pupils will complete 4 units of work from the following units:

  • Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise (25% Online Exam)
  • Unit 2: Practical Sports Performance
  • Unit 5: Training for Personal Fitness
  • Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities


Pathway 2: GCSE Physical Education, pupils will follow


  • Unit 1: The Theory of Physical Education (40%)
  • Unit 2: Performance in Physical Education (60%)
  • Section 2.1: Practical performance (4 activities)
  • Section 2.2: Analysis of performance


Pathway 3: One or more of the following accredited level one or equivalent courses


  • Sports leaders level 1 award
  • Dance leaders level 1 award
  • Junior Football Organiser award
  • Red Cross First Aid award
  • Lifestyle and well-being award
  • Health Fitness instruction award
  • Duke of Edinburgh award



Assessment for Learning

Assessment is central to our pupils’ learning and progress. The focus of written and oral feedback is used to have an informal and formal discussion about their work whilst providing them with a clear understanding of how well they have gained knowledge, concepts and skills and then explain what needs to be done to further the pupil’s development. The use of peer and self-assessment aids pupils in identifying their own and other’s strength and weaknesses.


Coursework is marked regularly, with detailed comments given to pupils every three weeks. Teachers give pupils a chance to act on the changes that they have suggested so that they can see how to improve their work. Furthermore, at the end of each unit of work, pupils will be given an opportunity to improve on their work in order to help achieve their potential.



The PE department sets homework twice yearly at KS3 through the use of Independent learning Projects (ILP’s).  All other homework at KS3 is the expectation of all pupils to attend extra-curricular clubs and fixtures on a regular basis.  In KS4 homework is given at least twice every half term dependent on the pathway that each pupil is on. These tasks are directly related to the pupil learning in class, and are marked by class teachers. We also use many opportunities outside of lesson time in extra-curricular clubs to ensure that pupils are actively engaged and that they both understand the learning and can apply this to their own work.






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