The Cumberland School vision statement is ‘Determined, ambitious learners’. The system we use to reward our pupils reflects this along with our mission to equip every Cumberland pupil with the knowledge and skills needed to develop them as individuals.


One major focus of our rewards is on academic progress and attainment. It is vital that every Cumberland pupil aims to make as much progress as possible in all subjects they study. Every term the pupils who have achieved the progress and achieved the best grades in all classes will receive certificates. The second key focus of rewards is the way pupils contribute to the ‘The Cumberland school’ community. Pupil attitudes to Local, Community and Global citizenship is so important to pupils development as person and critical to the success of our school community. It is the pupil contribution that makes The Cumberland School an amazing place to be!


The Cumberland School – Rewards Day 2016 - Click Here

The Cumberland School – Rewards Evening 2016 - Click Here


We use the Vivo rewards system and pupils have a secure username and password that give them access to their individual account. The rewards categories for Vivo’s include all of the things that pupils do in and around the school as well as in the classroom. For example Proactive participation rewards pupils who take part in extra-curricular clubs and those who represent the school in teams and events. Cumberland citizenship rewards those pupils who take the time to buddy new pupils or those pupils who go the extra mile to help others with reading or mentoring younger pupils. Here is the full list of Vivo categories:



Vivo / credits awarded

Vivo's awarded


Weekly attendance of 100%

Set amount given by office and acknowledged by tutor

1 Vivo

On time and organised

Tutor awards for punctuality, uniform and equipment - weekly

Tutor award on weekly


1 Vivo

On task and attentive

Subject award for pupils learning well in class

Subject teacher award

1 Vivo

Academic excellence

Rewarding individual moments of excellence

Teacher / tutor award for excellent piece of work / contribution to tutor time

2 Vivo's

Independent learner

Homework, I.L.P's Participation in additional classes

Study support

Going above and beyond

Teacher / tutor award

1 Vivo

Proactive participating outside of class

Attending clubs

Learning new skills in clubs

Representing the school library award

Extra-curricular teacher / team manager / director etc

5 Vivo's per half term of good attendance / participation

Cumberland citizenship

Mentoring, helping, anti-bullying, prefect, new pupil induction, one to one tuition, peer mentoring

Teacher in charge of each of those areas will have a set budget to award pupils in these schemes.

5 Vivo's per completion of any Cumberland citizenship programme

Community citizenship

Fund raiser, support of community projects, Y10 work experience, Local charity work

Set amount of points given for project contribution

5 Vivo's per completion of any community citizenship programme

Global citizenship

Fund raiser and participation in projects amnesty international club?

Set amount of points given for project contribution

5 Vivo's per completion of any global citizenship programme

The Cumberland School awards reward badges for pupils who reach a certain amount of Vivo’s throughout the year. The Cumberland School Bronze, Silver and Gold reward badge will be worn with pride to show the positive contribution that so many of our pupils make to our school community. Each year group have their own version of the bronze, silver and gold badge so pupils can continue to collect them as they move from year 7 through to year 11.


Pupils need to collect 150 Vivo’s to achieve the bronze badge and 275 to achieve the Gold badge (with the added difficulty of Vivo’s being collected in every category proving that they really do contribute to areas of the Cumberland community).

The badges will not just look great and evidence all the great work that pupils have achieved through the year but it also qualifies them to take part in the end of year rewards activities that the school will be arranging. Every pupil who achieves a bronze, silver or gold badge will have the opportunity to take part in that year group’s activity.

The Prezi rewards video can be viewed below:



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