Safeguarding at The Cumberland School


The Cumberland School takes very seriously its duty towards all its pupils who have been entrusted to its care and seeks to provide a school environment where all children are safe, secure, valued, respected, and listened to. It is essential that all staff understand their role to play as outlined in the school’s Safeguarding Policy.


The Cumberland School understands that our work in safeguarding and protecting children must always have regard for the national guidance issued by the Secretary of State and should be in line with local guidance and procedures.


We understand the term Safeguarding to mean that we will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the risk of harm to children’s welfare is minimised. We also understand that where we have any concerns about a child’s welfare we will take all appropriate action to address those concerns by working in full partnership with other agencies.


A safeguarding concern can arise if there is a concern for the child’s welfare or safety under any of the following categories;


• Neglect

• Physical Abuse

• Emotional Abuse

• Sexual Abuse (including Female Genital Mutilation)

• Child sexual exploitation

• Concerns around Radicalisation (see separate Anti-Radicalisation Policy)


All staff at The Cumberland School believe that a range of other school policies are central to many aspects of the school’s Safeguarding Policy, for example:


• Anti-Bullying

• Attendance

• Behaviour Management and Physical Intervention

• E-safety

• Health & Safety

• Safer Recruitment

• Safe Working Practices for Staff and Volunteers

• Anti-Radicalisation Policy


Our Safeguarding policy is written with due regard to the national guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education” (2015) published by the Department for Children Schools and Families in March 2015, the “Working Together to Safeguard Children” (March 2015) and the “Counter-Terrorism and Security Act” (2015) published by HM Government in June 2015 and these will be reviewed each time any subsequent guidance is issued by the Secretary of State.


Our school procedures for safeguarding children will always be compliant with the London Child Protection Procedures produced by the London Safeguarding Children Board. Those procedures which have been adopted by the Newham Local Safeguarding Children Board are available from:


Anyone with safeguarding concerns regarding anyone within The Cumberland School’s Community should contact our SAFEGUARDING TEAM:  Ms C Cooper and Ms T Davids at The Cumberland School.







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