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Department Vision and Priorities

Sociology is the scientific study of society. We aim to help pupils to understand why society works in the way that it does and the extent to which our behaviour – and opportunities – can be shaped by our social class, age, gender and race. Sociology allows pupils to analyse the society in which we live and encourages young people to question the relationship between individuals and institutions. Through the study of Sociology, pupils are taught that there are no right or wrong answers when studying how people live together. They learn some of the methodologies used in social theory and thus develop their ability to analyse and evaluate evidence. At the beginning of the course, students are taught the basic skills and the knowledge required to gain an understanding of Sociology. All topics involve teaching pupils something of how to conduct a research project in Sociology.



Sociology is taught by two teachers, Mr Tanner (TiC) and Mr Lack.



Sociology is offered as a GCSE subject at KS4

Pupils follow the OCR GCSE syllabus. The GCSE is divided into three sections, where each section has a different emphasis.

1. Sociology Basics (25%). This section develops an understanding of sociological evidence and research processes. The assessment for this section comprises a 60 minute examination.

2. Socialisation, Culture and Identity (50%). This section is where we study three of the six optional sections (family, mass media, education, work, crime and deviance and youth). It is assessed through a 90 minute exam

3.  Research Techniques (25%). This section is assessed through a 60 minute examination, which comprises two sections based on pre-released investigation



Marking pupils’ work and discussion of progress with pupils are the primary methods by which teachers monitor the progress of pupils. All written work produced either in class or for homework, is marked or discussed. Peer marking is an important element in the assessment process. Additionally pupils are given feedback on their contributions to the varied oral activities undertaken during the course. The Sociology department has a diagnostic marking policy. We aim to give positive comments in appropriate language whilst informing the pupils how they could improve the quality of their work and reach a higher grade in the subject.



At KS4 homework tasks will be set regularly. These will be linked directly to current classwork being undertaken. Revision and the ability to revise independently for assessments and exams are an important feature of the homework programme at KS4.





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