Student Leadership activities should support our school’s aim to be a place where everyone enjoys learning and makes progress. The activities should support our pupils’ journey as ‘Determined, ambitious Learners’.


Student leadership should –


• Prepare students for sixth form studies

• Provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills

• Actively encourage students to contribute to the success of the whole school community

• Provide students with an opportunity to be creative and deliver activities from which all students benefit

• Actively empower students to work with a cross section of the school’s staff

• Enable students to be role models for others


What therefore are the possible opportunities for Student Leadership?


• Head boy and Head girl - leading the prefect team

• Year 11 Prefects. Be an example to all members of the School in their general conduct, uniform, appearance, punctuality and attendance. Be fully committed to their academic work and extra-curricular activities.

• Prefects should support the School Council and organise charity events

• The School Council

• Student lunchtime supervisors (prefects)

• Assistant Tutors. Prefects  to support Year 7 forms

• To  lead School Council

• Ambassadors for the school. Prefects speak at key events eg. Year 6 Parents’ Evening and Year 6 Open Mornings

• A panel of students to form part of interview process. Students will receive training

• Year 9 students to support Year 7 who are find the transition difficult

• Sports’ leaders

• Year 8 Office Duty

• Student interview panels for potential new staff

• Charity work. Pupils choose a charity, local or national, and arrange fund raising activities. Prefects are to organise the fund raising.

• School Council and Year Council to promote whole school student voice

• Support development  of Teaching and learning in school by working with teachers to complete a student questionnaire

• Create opportunities for students to meet with leadership and governors

• Create opportunities for selected groups of students to support new teachers. Talking about T and L, behaviour and hopes for the school.







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