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The Cumberland School - Determined, ambitious learners


Our Vision

The Cumberland School is an ambitious school, keen to improve on and exceed previous success. We serve, and are proud to do so, a rich, diverse and exciting community. We live and breathe our commitment to equal opportunities and inclusivity, and work hard to ensure that Cumberland is a cohesive, positive and exciting environment for all.


The Cumberland School educates the whole child and the skills of resilience, collaboration, and independence are developed and nurtured within all of our pupils. Pupils making excellent progress in all areas of their development, academic and social, lies at the heart of our vision and this is achieved through a focus on academic excellence and challenge in the classroom, as well as a true commitment to offering our young people the broadest range of extra curricula opportunities both inside and outside of school.


To achieve this Cumberland staff:


  • Promote learning as an exciting, independent and lifelong activity and broaden pupil horizons and aspirations.
  • Allow pupils to develop academically, physically, artistically, creatively and emotionally.
  • Provide a curriculum that motivates and meets the needs of all pupils.
  • Raise self-esteem, attainment and achievement.
  • Develop skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT as keys to success.
  • Promote an inclusive school with equality of opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, gender, colour, sexuality or disability.
  • Maintain a school ethos and climate of care and commitment to one another, where individuals are valued, feel safe, happy and have their achievements celebrated
  • Support pupils with additional needs or talents and provide mentoring, counselling and support for those pupils and families to remove barriers to success.
  • Promote good Citizenship with the values of responsibility, resilience, courtesy, cooperation and respect at the core.
  • Develop links with the wider community, local schools, business and industry, to extend learning opportunities and provide our pupils with wide ranging opportunities.


In addition, to achieve this all of our pupils understand that the school’s vision aims to support both academic progress and personal growth as a member of our school community and beyond. Cumberland pupils understand that their contribution is to:


  • Value the contributions made by peers during lesson time
  • Protect the school environment so that all pupils feel safe and happy
  • Communicate carefully with peers and all school staff
  • Put the needs of others before their own
  • Accept challenges and see problems and setbacks as opportunities to improve
  • Receive new learning with positive thinking and creativity
  • Ensure their attitude and behaviour reflects determination and ambition




Cumberland School

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