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Vision: The Cumberland School is an ambitious school, keen to improve on and exceed previous success. We serve, and are proud to do so, a rich, diverse and exciting community. We live and breathe our commitment to equal opportunities and inclusivity, and work hard to ensure that Cumberland is a cohesive, positive and exciting environment for all. We aim to achieve this through implementation of the School Improvement Plan and a framework of policies.


Work experience forms an integral part of careers education, information, advice and guidance as well as personal, social, health and economic education (CEIAG and PSHE) policies. It is fully supported by all staff and governors.


This policy should be read in conjunction with the following policies:

• CEIAG Policy

• PHSE Policy

• Child Protection Policy

• SEND Policy

• Inclusion Policy


All eligible students have an equal right to a work experience placement to experience the world of work irrespective of ability, gender or race. Each student will be offered the opportunity to express a preference for the kind of work they wish to try through a properly organised programme designed to suit individual needs. The Cumberland School values success for everyone in its mission statement.


This year we have offered additional work experience placements to those pupils that have expressed interest and been willing to complete this during their Easter, May or summer holiday. These placements have been supplied through our recent engagement and collaborative work with Newham Careers Cluster.


Management of Work Experience: At The Cumberland School Work experience and the enterprise activities are overseen by CEIAG Co-ordinator Ms Sheena Varsani who liaises closely with Year Coordinators and Head of EAL and SEND. The SLT Line Manager of this area is Ms Amy Brown (Assistant Headteacher). We work with 15billionebp to provide support services for 2 week block work experience placements. As part of their role 15billionebp carry out H&S checks and provide an online database of opportunities for students to access. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of work experience placements including but not limited to:

• Educational settings

• Retail sector

• Voluntary sector

• Local Authority

• Administration

• Leisure sector

• Catering sector

• Motor trade



Work Experience Aims

The preparation programme will involve staff, employers and parents as well as students. The aims of the programme are:-

• To give students an insight into the world of work, its disciplines, routines and relationships.

• To develop students’ self-confidence, maturity and sense of responsibility through the adult status associated with work and through relating to adults other than teachers.

• To help students understand the relevance of their learning in a work setting.

• To help students develop their job selection, application and interview skills.

• To give students’ knowledge of an area of interest that may assist with career planning.

• To broaden students’ knowledge of opportunities available to them and the skills and training they require to achieve their goals.

• To develop students’ employability and key skills.

• To develop skills in action planning and evaluation.

• To encourage students to try non-stereotypical placements.

• To enhance achievement for students and recognise it through the Progress File.

• To encourage links of mutual benefit between the school and the local business community.


At The Cumberland School we endeavour to achieve these aims through:-

• Structured planning and negotiation for all aspects of organisation.

• Access to a pre-placement interview with the employer.

• Access to a broad range of placements using the 15 billion website.

• Helping students to understand their strengths and weaknesses

• Enabling students to acquire new skills such as formal letter writing and telephone techniques and an understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

• Monitoring and reviewing all stages of preparation.

• Allowing opportunities for contact with parents.

• Monitoring the student whilst on placement and responding to circumstances arising where appropriate, usually by telephone.

• Discussion and consultation with employers to achieve a planned programme of work appropriate to the ability and needs of the student.

• Employer and parents to complete the appropriate section of the work experience record book.

• Giving opportunities for debrief following the work experience placement.

• Giving opportunities for mature reflection and further action and career planning in the light of the work experience supported by career interviews (Year 11).

• Providing a planned programme of work related activities in school for students unable to attend a work placement.


Pupil Supervision and Monitoring: It is expected that while students are on placement they will be adequately supervised by a responsible person and their progress monitored. Schools are also expected to supervise their students by means of telephone calls, email and pre-arranged visits to the workplace. An informal pre-placement interview is recommended, and valuable to the student, and a short de-briefing session on the last day would highlight and reinforce outcomes of the work experience period.


Evaluation and Impact:

To ensure high quality and effective work experience stakeholder consultations and evaluations are in place. In addition year 10 pupils received a pre work experience support programme and post work experience de-brief programme to evaluate and capitalise on the experience. These sessions were led by representatives from Tesco’s (Career Cluster pilot) and ‘Making the Leap’. The feedback from pupils and deliveries was extremely positive that it will be an integral part of the work experience programme.





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